Intel Atom® Processor Family

Intel Atom® Processor Family

QuickTime performs an internal test to discover out the pace of the user’s laptop. The constants that define the atom varieties are defined in MoviesFormat.h. The four-character codes for each atom type are also shown. Scans the sample-to-chunk atom to find which chunk accommodates the key frame.


These Greek philosophers believed that atoms were in constant movement, and all the time had been, a minimal of in gases and liquids. Sometimes, nonetheless, on account of their close-locking shapes, they joined in close-packed unions, forming materials such as rock or iron. Basically, Democritus and his followers had a very mechanical picture of the universe.

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Applying a drive could make them shift from one atom to a different. Electrons often remain a continuing distance from the atom’s nucleus in exact shells. The shell closest to the nucleus can maintain two electrons.

That electron wouldn’t have the properties of gold anymore. The atom is the smallest unit that has the properties of a component. Protons and electrons have equal and reverse charge, and normally anatom has equal numbers of both. Anion is an atomwith additional electrons or with a deficiency of electrons, leading to itsbeing electrically charged. An ion with additional electrons is negatively charged and known as an anion; an ion deficient in electrons is positively charged and is called a cation. Other unique atoms have been created by replacing one of many protons, neutrons or electrons with other particles which have the same charge.

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Figure 2-28The layout of a base media data atomThe base media information atom accommodates the following data elements. Figure 2-26The layout of a media info atom for soundThe sound media information atom accommodates the next information components. Video media info atoms are the highest-level atoms in video media. These atoms contain numerous different atoms that define particular traits of the video media knowledge. Historically, the handler reference atom was additionally used for knowledge references.